Welcome! This is a blog dedicated to all things Star Wars. Pictures, Rants Discussions and lots of action figure pictures that I have taken myself.

I take no credit for any of the photos I find and post on this tumblr, unless they're pictures I've taken myself.


Random shops that sell Star Wars merch, old video games, comics and records are my reason for living. 

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Thank you! 


501st Legion / Florida Garrison propaganda.

Such a cool organization. If I had the money, I’d be doing it. Maybe if I ever do the Han Solo cosplay.

I keep scrolling by so many Game of Thrones babes, and I want to reblog them, then I remember this is a Star Wars blog. :X



is there a Star Wars fandom on this site???

We are everywhere, plotting in secret to rule them all.

I like to think we’re a bit less obnoxious and more chill than some of the other fandoms.