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Not Star Wars related, but I came across these figures today and fell in love. I don’t really know much about the company that makes these guys (Four Horsemen Studios), I just know they had a kickstarter campaign, and had I known, I definitely would’ve contributed. There’s a few of these I need to get my hands on.

The website to pre-order these guys is right here, if anybody’s interested.

Does anybody else not like Boba Fett being a clone?


Out in the wasteland, there is only the sound of the wind. It whistles and howls, like some wounded animal. But there is no life here. The sun has leeched everything from this place, leaving only dust and the rusting hulks of a battle fought long ago. Still, he knows his prey is here. Watching.

Love the photos you’ve been putting out. I can never get any of my figures to hold that sniper rifle.


*looks up Shaak Ti on Amazon to see various options for action figures because I want to add her to my collection*


This is Shaak Ti, as she is depicted in the movies and the Clone Wars:


This is how a company chose to depict her as a doll:


are you fucking kidding me

we don’t have Master Windu in a speedo, why the fuck would you do this?!

That’s not necessarily an action figure, its a sideshow collectibles statue. It’s also from The Force Unleashed from when Shaak-Ti took refuge on Felucia. (That’s how she appeared in the game.) Sideshow collectibles also did something similar with Darth Maul

Granted, the Shaak-Ti is more revealed. Also, there are much better Shaak-Ti figures out there.